flow 2002/04 -

generates propaganda** in the format of concerts. The flow-orchestra and it´s guests react directly onto the daily stagings of reality. The flow results out of the transformation of live inputs by performers and musicians as manipulators (pick-up and generation of content), talking-heads (speech performance) and generators (computer and wind music). In the concert material becomes filtert out of the media streams tv, radio and internet and is build into the stream of text that becomes generated on-the-fly. Opinions respt. Right before the concert, statements concerning the presence of staging in the private space are taken from passengers on the street. They serve as the base for sound generation. Improvisating on flow´s set of rules the orchestra filters, disassembles and recontextualizes the contents of information streams and interviews. It generates live an associative speaking stream of sound. A guest spirit that is remotely connected to the event is invited to speak her/his content through the talking head directly into the concert.

“...there was no major change in the last years .... except in the opinion of the opinionmakers ... "(flow120103)

video above: flow 27.01.2003 live at Schowburg, filmfestival Rotterdam , with Ulrike Gabriel, Gilles Aubrey, manipulation & generation - Antoine Chessex, saxophone & talking head - Kerstin Weiberg, talking head - Axel Dörner, trumpet and generation, Dirk Bruinsma sxophone and generation

flow 28.02.2003, track 12, with Kerstin Weiberg, Antoine Chessex, Axel Dörner, Gilles Aubrey, Christine Trequier
live @ bootlab Berlin

with Kerstin Weiberg, Antoine Chessex, Axel Dörner, Gilles Aubrey
concert excerpts 2002/03 @ Jukebox @ Automatenbar Münzstrasse Berlin

flow 02.06.2003, track 3

with Kerstin Weiberg, Antoine Chessex, Axel Dörner, Gilles Aubrey, Dave Mandl
live @ Prater Berlin. ErsatzRadio -Sieben Tage Raumkontrolle auf UKW 104,1

flow homepage: http://www.xxeno.net/flow/