terrain_02 1997 -

Two persons sit in a non verbal dialog in front of each other, at a round table terrain. They are connected via eeg-interface to a system of solar robots. Their brainwaves are measured, analyzed and compared. The ratio between both frequencies becomes projected onto the robots in form of changing light intensities; by lamps from top-down, by el-sheets from bottom-up. The light controls the speed and the behaviour of the robots, and activates resp. desactivates areas of the terrain. Dependend on the relation between the persons and their inner reaction onto each other, variant motion patterns evolve.

author and programming: Ulrike Gabriel
electronics: Robert O’Kane
Trichanics: Siegfried Albrecht
light machine: Albrecht Koestlin
entwickelt in otherspace, Offenbach
commissioned by the ICC museum, Tokyo
courtesy of ICC museum