Oskarine 2001 -

The Oskarine transforms poems of Oskar Pastior from the printed page of a book of poetry into the flow of poetry machines. The poems now speak themselves, with the author´s voice, always new.
The program generates out of the sound material of the once originally read poem. The original transforms itself randomly controled into all possible permutations. For this purpose the recordings where cut in 1102 pieces, which are newly combinable. During one iteration, each piece of sound is only played once - the Oskarine speaks the original poem in permutated sequence in the way that it´s sound becomes retained. This works because aside of the originally used algorithm, for instance "Sestine", also all other rules and exceptions are found and applied: the rules of exceptions of language and text for each individual poem, and the additional rules that are necessary for the fluent recombination of the characteristics of the sound of each recording.  

Programming: Java
The Oskarine evolved out of an encounter with Oskar Pastior that was initiated by the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin, supported by Stiftung Preussische Seehandlung