sphere 2000 -

reflects the 40 030.174 kilometer spanning sphere of the world into the numbers of a virtual matrix on a harddisk. It´s databace contains more than 3 million populated places that are located on the earth´s surface. If one targets with a launch-software one of these locations from another one, a sphere becomes shot onto an orbit around the virtual double of the world. A sphere that is flying with 660 km per hour will orbit the earth in 60.65177 hours (=2.527 days), meanwhile passing through Ø 250 populated places, that are located in Ø 14 14 different countries of the earth. If it passes a location that lays on it´s calculated route, it enters synchroneously from the virtual into the natural reality. The impaction of a sphere is a short and vehement event. It is predicted by a countdown. The sphere´s seismic waves provoce quakes, which arrive at the exhibition place in multiple phases and effect all accessible displays.

In cooperation with Martin Carlé, Eva Diegritz, Philipp v. Hilgers, Pepe Juergens, Jens Kleinhout, David Link, Paul Vranken, Francis Wittenberger, developed at codelab-berlin, invited by Interface5, Hamburg 2000. Video above: Bombing of the exhibition Art-In-Out-Put, TU Eindhoven 2000. Images below: Bombing of the installation "Talking Heads" by Martin Burckhardt in the Hamburger Kunstverein 2000.