perceptual arena 1993 -

generative Environment / Virtual Reality Installation

Perceptual Arena is an open audivisual generative space, free from the physical meaning of things. The viewer projects his/her views onto a time-and space-relative world of polygons and sounds. This world is created and constantly changed by the personal views. The environment can be perceived to become complex - the perceivable evolves through perception of it.

movement analysis & history, 3d-Position-Tracking, virtual sensor, sensor glove. wood construction installation reilled circle 3 m, 10m projection screen. Programmed in C. Developed at Canon Artlab, Tokyo & Otherspace, Offenbach. Sensor glove technology & coprogramming: Robert O┬┤Kane. Sound environment: Michael Saup & Paul Modler. Organisation: Canon Artlab, Tokyo. Support: St├Ądelschule INM Frankfurt, Goetheinstitut Tokyo