breath 1991/92

The regulation of breathing can be influenced conciously, but each inhaling must necessarily lead to an exhaling and viceversa. In -breath - this breathing rhythm , measured by a sensor belt, triggers the oscillation of a structure of polygons. breath frequency and volume in time determine the development of the generative process of the image. Continouity triggers the number and activity of simultaneous changes. Organic deformations and geometric meta forms result out of individual or group-based transformations and play with each other. Tendencies opposed to orden appear the stronger as more consistent the breathing is. Passed tendencies in connection with the momentual determin the state of transformation, the image is in the process of continous change of order.

Developed at Helicopter Lab, Eurocopter Germany (1991) and St├Ądelschule INM Frankfurt (1992) Sound: Michael Saup