Informel -

Based on a simple set of rules and a trigger lecture, the program of the informel symposium is generatively created newly each day.

Informel_1 - 1.-6-7-2001 -

During the 6-days-lasting symposium Informel_1 (1.-6.7.2001) focussing the topic "symmetry", symmetries and, in consequence, assymetries inspired to spontaneous lectures,intensive conversations and discussions, border-crossing interdisciplinary statements and philosophical adventures. Aside of trigger lectures of the crytology and quantum mathematician Chris Charnes of the University of Melbourne, Australia ("basics of symmetry", "symmetry in the fuga of Sebastian Bach", Symmetry in Encryptology", "Symmetry in Quantumphysics" etc.) and lectures of Manuel Bonik, artist („Turing Machines“), Florian Cramer, Literature scientist, Berlin ("Permutations - Quirinius Kuhlmann"), Ulrike Gabriel („Nothing and Something“), Friedrich Kittler, media theorist, ("Wavelets"), Marko Kosnik, artist, Egon March Institute Ljubljana ("Abstract and Extract", "Paparapapa“), Angela Melitopoulos, artist, Köln("artistic action"), Otto Rössler, University of Tübingen ("Smile and Laughter", "Mother and Child", "Endo and Nano", "Quantumparadox"), Pit Schultz, net artist, Berlin ("Gamehorizont"), etc. many further guests contributed.

organized by codelab at podewil berlin, associated with the transmediale